Gateway Regional High School Stone Sign

Gateway parent reacts to layoff news

“We definitely get the short end of the stick in western Mass. for sure, and don’t see anywhere near the funding towns on the other side of …

Orion Comes Home

Orion comes home

The Orion space capsule is back in Florida following its first test flight and recovery from the Pacific Ocean.

Stadium Tumbles Down

Stadium tumbles down


A large section of Texas A&M’s Kyle Field comes tumbling down in a controlled implosion.

Santa Billboard Draws Fire

Santa billboard draws fire

Holiday News

Gun shop’s “We Build AR’s For Santa” display is causing controversy in Chico, California.

Salvador Violence Against Women

El Salvador’s gangs target women and girls


Israel Ticas calls himself the “lawyer for the dead,” the man who can bring justice to the buried victims of El Salvador’s brutal violence.


Banana walnut french toast bread pudding

Looking for a simple breakfast casserole to serve your family this holiday season? Blogger Dan Whalen from, showed us h…

food labels

How to read food labels

When cleaning out your diet and replacing processed foods with whole natural foods, start with reading your food labels.