Bob “The Bike Man” delivers bikes to Holyoke school

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – With the help of police in Holyoke, as well as Massachusetts and Connecticut state troopers, Bob Charland delivered 30 bikes to students at the Morgan school in Holyoke.

“First I was nervous, cause I thought I wouldn’t get it but now I’m happy because I get to have a bike and I can ride it with my parents because they have bikes and it will be fun,” said Yasani Thmpson, a student at the school.

With the help of police officers, Bob Charland gave 30 students bicycles, helmets, and a safety lesson. Home-room teachers selected the thirty kids for being well-behaved.

One mom said she had no idea all of the kids would be leaving with a new set of wheels.

“I was very surprised, I thought it was a raffle so I told her, it’s okay if you don’t get a bike, like if other students, you know we’ll figure it out. So when I saw that every student got a bike, I thought that was amazing, See that like doing the right thing still gets them a reward,” said Yaraliz Soto.

Bob refurbishes bikes and brings them to students in need throughout the Pioneer Valley. For him, it’s a way to show people one person can make a difference.

“I think every day everybody says they see people struggling, they see people suffering and they say they want to do something but they really don’t. I just want to show people that it really doesn’t take much, it’s a simple effort to go out and make a difference in somebody’s life,” said Bob Charland.

Bob has also been giving police bags filled with items for homeless people. The cops keep the bags in their cruisers.

Bob “The Bike Man” continues work in the community