Northampton business owners seeing effects of online shopping

Those who are shopping online say it's easier and more time efficient

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Retailers continue to struggle nationwide as more people shop online.

Some Northampton business owners are starting to see the effects as the demand for online shopping keeps going up.

Sharon Cohen, owner of Footbeats for Women in Northampton, is seeing more of her customers going to larger online retailers. However, she says what’s keeping her store in business, is her customer service.

“They can really get a feel on how the product is going to feel on the foot for us in the footwear industry to make sure its comfortable and the right choice for them,” Cohen said.

Most recently, Toys R’ Us has been struggling for months to stay in business and now multiple reports suggest the toy retailer could be calling it quits.

Online shopping and its affects on local businesses

Those who are shopping online say it’s easier and more time efficient.

“There is an element of convenience to it. I have to small children and it’s a lot easier to order things online,” Iris Chelaru of Easthampton said.

Although many people are going online to shop, some people still like to physically go into a store, just because of the customer service.

“I love just the name with the face, customer service,” Jessica Mallernee of Northampton said. “The smaller stores where you really get to know the shop owners.”

Some business owners however, aren’t noticing a difference in sales due to online shopping because of the business they are in, like Northampton Jewelers.

“For my business, I don’t really think it effects it as much because what I do is a trade so its costume work and I’m working directly with the customer,” owner of Northampton Jewelers, Cuauhtly Hernandez said.

Some business owners 22News spoke with say they aren’t too worried about loosing all their customers, as long as people continue to buy local.