Why is the month of March so stormy?

March can be a crazy weather month.

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – March can be a crazy weather month. The 22News storm team is working for with why this month has been as active.

Just the first week of this month showed that. Western Massachusetts has already seen 2 nor’easters, one in the form of rain and one in the form of snow.

So far for this month we have gotten 8.5 inches of snow and our average snowfall total is 8.7 inches.

March is a transition month of leaving the bitter cold of winter and the start of warmer temperatures. The sun continues to get higher in the sky each day and with the increase in daylight the more warmer air we get to experience during the extended days from winter.

But when the jet stream takes a plunge south this brings in colder air from the north. Now we have a contrast between warm and cold air, which can make for an active jet stream. Many storms during March will ride along the jet stream or get steered by it making more of a coastal weather pattern.

The chance for snow continues into May. April’s average snowfall total is 1.6 inches and May is tenth of an inch. This is of course if temperatures are cold enough for it to snow, if not it will be rain.