Connecticut homeowners may be eligible for crumbling foundations reimbursement

(WWLP) – Crumbling foundations have impacted hundreds of homeowners in Connecticut, and now the problem has spread to western Massachusetts.

Connecticut homeowners impacted by crumbling foundations can apply for reimbursement through the Department of Housing.

The Department has expanded reimbursement eligibility to homes who have needed expensive foundation testing. The program is being expanded to people who live more than 20 miles away from the now defunct Stafford Springs concrete company, J.J Mottes. Originally, only those who live within 20 miles were eligible.

“To me, the government, the state, the feds, whoever needs to be involved should be involved,” Jeff Withee of Suffield said.

The crumbling foundations are linked to a mineral found in Becker’s Quarry in Willington, Connecticut. The mineral has been found in concrete poured for house foundations in the 80’s and 90’s by the J.J. Mottes company.

Crumbling foundations has also been seen across Western Massachusetts. 22News visited a home on Ashford Road in Longmeadow last month, where the foundation is crumbling.

Connecticut residents say the reimbursements are something homeowners should be taking advantage of.

“If they make the process simple and transparent and open I don’t see why homeowners shouldn’t be going after this kind of thing,” Enfield resident, Jeff Johnson said.

If you are a Massachusetts homeowner and have a crumbling foundation, the IRS is extending the time period that homeowners have to claim related repairs on federal taxes until April 2021.