Wednesday’s nor’easter brought heavy snow to parts of Pioneer Valley

Leaving snow-covered sidewalks is illegal and can be very dangerous

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Hampshire County saw a wide range of snow totals.

Wednesday’s nor’easter brought nearly two feet of heavy wet snow to parts of the Pioneer Valley.

“It was a scary drive,” said one Northampton resident.

Drivers were gripping their steering wheels a little tighter Wednesday.

Snowfall amounts reported in western Massachusetts Wednesday

“Going up a hill in Cummington and I didn’t have enough speed getting up there and I got stuck,” said Bob Heck of Pittsfield. “And thankfully a plow came by and got me out of there.”

The storm brought gusty winds, snow packed roads and reduced the speed limit on the MassPike to 40 miles per hour.

“It really really started to snow and it starting sticking and then the highway went to one lane,” said another local resident. “We drove 40 miles an hour for probably an hour.”

But by daylight Thursday, Route 9 in Hadley and in roads downtown Northampton, were just wet pavement and traffic was flowing smoothly.

Wednesday’s nor’easter is great for making angels, but not so great for shoveling, especially if you have a heart condition.

The American Heart Association recommends pushing the snow, and moving it to the side rather than lifting it.

Once the snow stops falling, it’s important to shovel your sidewalk within 24-hours or face a fine.

Leaving snow-covered sidewalks is illegal and can be very dangerous.

In Northampton it could cost you $50.