Trump talks about violent video games with industry leaders

WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) – President Trump met with leaders of the nation’s entertainment industry Thursday to discuss ways to limit children’s access to violent material.

The White House says kids who are exposed to violence could be leading to violent behavior in the nation’s classrooms.

President Trump invited video game makers, media critics, and conservative activists to the White House to discuss ways to limit kids exposure to violence in media.

Among those in the room: Melissa Horton with the Parents Television Council, “He’s looking for recommendations, this is a complex issue, and it impacts people’s lives very deeply.”

Horton wants the video game industry to offer more tools for parents to understand the contents of the games.

The President has said he believes violent video games and movies could be contributing to violence in America’s classrooms, “I’m hearing more and more people say the level of violence on video games is really shaping young people’s thoughts.”

The video game industry says its already doing its part to protect children. The industry uses a rating system, similar to movies, to let parents know what material their children might see. However, Missouri Congresswoman Vicki Hartzler says the rating system isn’t enough.

“A large percentage of parents are involved, but there are a percentage that are not using the system,” said Hartzler.

Hartzler says the meeting was only a listening session and that the President did not commit to supporting any one idea.