Senators introduce bills to help prevent gun violence

WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) – Two Senators, normally are opposite sides of the gun debate, are introducing a bill to help prevent gun violence.

Republican Lindsey Graham and Democrat Richard Blumenthal say the proposed law would prevent individuals who are in crisis from buying guns.

“He did everything but take an ad out in the paper saying I’m going to shoot somebody,” said Graham.

Senator Lindsey Graham says there were warning signs that the Parkland, Florida, high school shooter was a threat.

“Why didn’t you do something before he went into the school given all the information that he was going to blow up,” said Graham.

Graham and Senator Richard Blumenthal say they want to give authorities the power to take action when there are fears of violence. Their bill allows law enforcement to seek a court order to confiscate weapons if “red flags” exist.

“That way law enforcement and family members can save lives,” said Blumenthal.

Currently judges in five states, including Indiana and Connecticut can temporarily restrict an individual’s access to guns. The senators want to provide federal grants to encourage the other 45 states to pass their own red flag laws.

The bill would require evidence that a gun-owner poses an immediate danger.

“It last for just 72 hours. People have a right to challenge the initial order,” said Blumenthal.

Several gun bills have already stalled in Congress and Graham says lawmakers would be foolish not to pass legislation soon.

“Politicians who believe they will be rewarded for punting on this, you’re making a big mistake,” said Graham.

The senators say the gun debate will be a key issue for mid-term elections, and voters will want to know where candidates stand.