Franklin County hill-towns hit hard by Wednesday’s nor’easter

It was the biggest snowstorm of the winter for Rowe

ROWE, Mass. (WWLP)- Franklin County residents fired up their snowblowers Thursday morning to clear all the snow from Wednesday’s storm.

This snowstorm hit all of western Massachusetts, but it buried Rowe. It was their biggest snowstorm this winter. Rowe got about 18 inches of snow with this storm. One woman had to spend all morning shoveling just to get out of her house.

“We’ve been spoiled the last few years, and this year is terrible,” said Florence Veber of Rowe. “But probably because I have to do this alone.”

Rowe residents said it’s not unusual to see snow in March.

“March is our biggest snow month,” said Henry Dandeneau of Rowe. “One year in March, half of march, we got over 7 feet of snow up here.”

Dandeneau said the higher elevations in Rowe were buried by nearly 2 feet of snow.

Colrain, Heath, Hawley, Monroe and Charlemont all ended up with over a foot of snow.