Smith College holds meningitis vaccination clinic for students

The college has administered more than 700 Meningitis B vaccines

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Smith College held a meningitis vaccination clinic on Tuesday. The clinic was held just days after a Smith student was hospitalized after being infected with Serogroup B Meningitis.

This is the same strain that was detected during the outbreak at UMass Amherst last fall. Since then, Smith College has administered more than 700 Meningitis B vaccines.

Smith College student diagnosed with meningitis

Smith College Director of Media Relations Stacey Schmeidel recalled that, “There was a student last week that said ‘You know I can stand in line for 30 minutes right now and get this shot or I could spend 30 days in the hospital, I’m standing.'”

Students can also receive a free vaccination at a local retail pharmacy.

Smith College is recommending that students receive vaccinations during spring break.