Pet of the Week: Alex the ferret

In this edition of Pet of the Week, we were introduced to Alex, a 3-year-old ferret. Lee Chambers, Manager of Marketing and Communication for Dakin Humane Society, told us all about Alex, and about an Easter event benefiting Dakin.

Name: Alex
Location: Springfield: Dakin Humane Society
Breed: Ferret
Gender: Male
Age: 3 years
Color: Brown with white


Alex came to Dakin with 2 other ferrets, Alice and Bernie, because they didn’t get along with a ferret that was already living in their new home. These three ferrets are very sweet and playful, and they’ve been waiting for a new home since January. We will adopt out 1 ferret (of the 3) if there’s already a ferret in the home they’re going to, so they have each other to play with, OR we will adopt out all 3 ferrets, but we don’t want to send 2 of them home, and leave 1 behind to be lonely.

Ferret facts:
Ferrets are highly curious, interactive pets that require a good deal of care. Children, particularly infants, should never be left unsupervised with ferrets (or with any other companion animal).
Keeping ferrets humanely may be a challenge for individuals who are unfamiliar with their needs and habits. Ferrets sleep much of the time, but when awake are both curious and highly active.
They should not be confined to a cage at all times, yet need close supervision when allowed out of their enclosures. It is usually necessary to take special measures to “ferret-proof” homes where ferrets are kept to ensure their safety.
Like other companion animals, ferrets require periodic veterinary check-ups and veterinary care when needed. Be sure to find a veterinarian in your community who is experienced with ferret care.
Pet ferrets should be spayed or neutered to prevent them from adding to the numbers of unwanted and homeless ferrets in need of shelter and rescue.
Ferrets have a particular odor that comes from their sebaceous glands, which secrete oil with a natural musky odor, and the animal’s anal scent glands can spray just like a skunk’s.


Other Events/Topics
Pet Pictures with the Easter Bunny – Our friends at Paw Street Barkery (477 Britton Street in Chicopee) are hosting a fundraiser for Dakin on Saturday, March 31 from 11am – 4pm. Bring your pet in for a photo with the Easter Bunny! Photos cost $6 with all proceeds going to help animals at Dakin! Tickets will be sold at the door.

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