Warmer weather bringing wild animals out early

There have also been some coyote sightings

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – You may have noticed some uninvited guests in your yard recently.

The warmer weather we’ve been having has a lot to do with it. Over the last few weeks there have been more and more bear sighting across western Massachusetts that’s because warmer temperatures are causing more animals to become active.

When the weather warms up, ticks start to come out

Skunks have been a common sight recently. They sleep through most of the winter but when temperatures get above freezing they wake up and look for food.

There have also been some coyote sightings.

Holyoke residents reporting bear sightings earlier than expected

“We haven’t seen any yet this year but typically when the weather gets nice we get on the bike path and we do see coyotes out there when we’re riding our bikes,” Jillian McGrath, a resident of Westfield told 22New.

According to Mass Wildlife you should not feed wild animals, keep garbage in a secure container, remove bird feeders and close off crawl spaces under porches, decks and sheds.