Hockey fans in Westfield excited to celebrate Kacey Bellamy’s Olympic success

Bellamy is still in South Korea

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – After winning the gold in spectacular fashion, fans in Westfield are excited to celebrate Bellamy’s success.

From watching Bellamy score a goal against Russia, to seeing the team finally win it all against Canada, fans in Westfield said this year’s Olympics can’t be beat.

Westfield Residents said Wednesday night was a fantastic conclusion to the winter games for the US Women’s hockey team. Residents said win or lose, they would have been proud of Bellamy, but seeing her bring home the gold made this Olympics that much better.

Gold for Team USA Women’s Hockey

Hockey fans said they watched Bellamy compete in both Vancouver and Socchi, where the team brought home silver medals, beaten by Canada both tomes. But Bellamy’s Home-town ice rink thinks her homecoming celebrations this year will be bigger than ever.

“We absolutely plan to do something when she returns,” Rian Barnes, Amelia Park Ice Rink Manager, told 22News. “We’ve done that in the past, but I think this year it’ll be a lot more special seeing as she got to, Kacey and her team got to win gold. So I think it’s going to be that much more special.”

Rejoicing in Westfield after win for Bellamy & Team USA

“It’s the talk of the town,” Steven Perkins of Westfield added. “It’s all over Facebook. Everywhere you go, coffee shops, people are talking about it. We hope to have her back and have a nice celebration soon.”

“After losing the last two really tight, especially the last one in overtime, and then this year winning in a shootout, I think definitely a lot of people are going to be excited,” said Mike Holton.

Local Olympian Kacey Bellamy’s good luck charms: Her Parents

The Amelia Park Ice Rink said they’ve held celebrations for the local athlete’s homecoming each time she’s competed in the Olympics. The rink manager said the plans are still in the works, but after bringing home the gold, he thinks this year will be bigger than ever.

Bellamy is still in South Korea, but you can tell friends, family, and fans are all excited to welcome her home.