Students gather at State House asking lawmakers for comprehensive sex education in schools

Bill has been passed by State Senate, but still need approval from the House.

BOSTON (WWLP) – Dozens of high school students came to the State House on Thursday to advocate for passage of the bill, known as the “Healthy Youth Act.”

It would require public schools that offer sex education to teach medically accurate and comprehensive curriculum, including topics like how to prevent pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections and that is also inclusive of LGBTQ individuals.

Gov. Charlie Baker signs bilingual education bill into law

One student from Central Catholic High School told 22News her school focused mostly on abstinence in the health classes she took.

“No matter how much you say abstinence only, kids are still going to have sex just like how kids will still drink in high school or do drugs and stuff,” Maggie Hurley told 22News. “So just, like, teaching them is important so they can know to be safe.”

Bill would change how sex education is taught in Massachusetts schools

Under the bill’s provisions, parents would still be allowed to remove children from school-based sex ed programs.

The Senate passed the bill in July, but it still needs approval in the House before going to the governor’s desk.