Greenfield awarded $40K to improve accessibility for public buildings

The assessment is scheduled to be completed by June

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Greenfield has $40,000 to improve accessibility for public buildings.

The city will conduct an assessment of Town Hall and other public spaces to ensure everyone can safely access them.

The $40,000 in funding is coming from the Massachusetts Office on Disability.

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Greenfield will use the money to update their Americans with Disabilities Act Self-Assessment and transition Plan to make sure all of their public facilities comply with the new federal and state requirements.

This includes having fully-accessible ramps, handrails, and parking spaces.

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“We just want to make sure people can get to where they want to go and do what they need too,” said Laurie DiDonato, liaison of the Commission Disability Access in Greenfield. “This is critical for that because we know there’s a disabled population that can have challenges and this will help them out.”

DiDonato told 22News the city had to provide $10,000 to update their disabilities assessment and transitions plan.

The last time Greenfield had their plan updated was 2004, 14-years-ago. The assessment is scheduled to be completed by June.