Northampton schools making sure students return to healthy environment

One of the best prevention methods, is frequent hand-washing


NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – The flu has had a big impact on western Massachusetts schools this year.

The Northampton School District will not be conducting any special cleaning over break, but they are making sure that students return to a healthy environment.

Although there haven’t been any serious cases of the flu in Northampton School District, Karen Jarvis-Vance, Northampton Schools Director of Health, Safety and Equity Programs told 22News she has seen an increase in flu-related illness.

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Jarvis-Vance said the students not being in school during February vacation breaks the cycle of illness.

“The best part about school vacation is getting all the students out of the building and they’re not congregating together and the helps break the cycle of illness,” Jarvis-Vance said.

She said she sees less illness when students come back from February break.

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One Westfield parent told 22News he’s been reminding his kids at home of ways they can prevent from getting the flu while at school.

“I’ve been taking this week to talk with my kids and go over things and let them know what they can do on their own when I’m not with them, and when they’re at school to help them or other children practice preventive measures to not get the flu,” Jaime Colon said.

One of the best prevention methods, is frequent hand-washing. Jarvis-Vance told 22News that flu germs can last on surfaces for up to 24 hours.