Local residents concerned after more reports of coyote sightings

(WWLP) – There have been more reports of coyote sightings in Western Massachusetts.

22News heard from people worried about their pets during coyote mating season. One Chicopee women is warning neighbors to watch out for their kids and pets after she says an outdoor cat named “Clayton” was found mauled to death in the woods. 

“It’s very sad because he was a beautiful cat,” Marilyn Ranger of Chicopee said. “Thursday morning they found him on the ground in front of shelter pretty badly bitten. I just want to warn people there are coyotes around, and this is a residential neighborhood. So use caution with your pets”.

According to Mass Wildlife, coyote mating season peaks in mid-February. They urge you to make your property less appealing to coyotes by taking in bird feeders that could attract small prey, and by closing off crawl spaces where coyotes could make dens.

“I didn’t know that it was mating season at all,” Lauren Maney of Springfield said. “Maybe I’d wait to take the trash out of my apartment because I know other than that everything is pretty locked up”.

Feeding pets indoors and keeping them on leashes will also help keep your animals safe from coyotes in your area.