Chemicals found in firefighting foam detected in Westfield’s water supply

Use of these more toxic firefighting foams has been phased out.

WESTFIELD. Mass (WWLP) – Chemicals from a firefighting foam used at Barnes Air Base have been detected in Westfield’s water supply.

Testing done at Westover in 2017 found trace amounts of the chemicals from that firefighting foam in groundwater on base, but drinking water has not been contaminated.

According to Westover’s Environmental Engineering Chief, Jack Moriarty, Westover was using the firefighting foam in question until last year.

The air force ran tests on the water at 200 at-risk bases in 2016 to check for these potentially hazardous chemicals. Nearly $400,000 was spent testing the water at Westover.

Moriarty said only trace amounts of the chemical were found in Westover’s ground water, and there’s no access Chicopee’s drinking water supply, which comes from the Quabbin Reservoir.

One resident told 22News he’s very careful when it comes to his water.

“I do, even though I think my sink water is clean, I still use filtered clean water,” Chicopee resident, Epi Sanchez said. “I rather prefer bottled water than getting it from the sink, I don’t trust it”.

The department of defense has spent nearly $200 million dollars on investigations and chemical cleanups at military bases across the country.

Use of these more toxic firefighting foams has been phased out.