Tree trimming crews keeping branches away from power lines

Trees are the number once cause of power outages

LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – If you have seen tree trimming crews working on your street recently, it’s to help ensure that your power stays on during bad weather.

An Asplundh tree trimming crew was out on Skaker Road in Longmeadow Wednesday morning, cutting trees away from the power lines.

Tree limbs and branches that come in contact with power lines can cause significant damage and can be a public safety hazard.

“This is really a priority for us to to make sure that hazard trees are removed if they’re dead, if they’re diseased, if they’re growing too close to a power line where they could be interfering,” Eversource spokesperson Priscilla Ress told 22News.

According to Ress, trees are the number once cause of power outages. This is a good time of year for the crews to trim the trees because of the lack of foliage.

To report a tree to Eversource that you think could interfere with the power lines you can visit their website.