Sex offender fire chief steps down

(WICU) A Pennsylvania fire chief has officially resigned after his status as a registered sex offender was revealed.

Roger Gilbert Jr. tells NBC affiliate WICU that he is stepping down, effective immediately, after receiving backlash and death threats.

Gilbert was recently re-elected chief for the town of Spartansburg, which has about 300 residents.

In 2001 Gilbert was convicted for sex crimes against a 4-year-old girl and sentenced five to ten years in prison.

“I’m done with the fire department, altogether,” said Gilbert. “It was nearly 20 years ago, and I’ve paid my debt to society. I’ve changed my life for the better. I shouldn’t be punished for the rest of my life.”

Gilbert says he’s been with the department for 25 years, and questions why it is such a big deal, right now.

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