Roses are red, violets are blue, what do these colors mean to you?

Each color of rose has a certain meaning

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Flower shops are busy for Valentines Day. Valentine’s Day is on Wednesday, and if you didn’t get anything yet for your significant other don’t worry you still have time.

Roses and chocolate are always the classic way to go to show you remembered your special someone.

But after going to Randall’s Farm in Ludlow, we found some deeper ways to show you care, by choosing certain color roses.

“Red,” means strong feelings of love and romance, and red roses are used to say, “I love you.”

It’s not too late to shop for a Valentine’s Day gift

Each color of rose has a certain meaning.

“But there are so many colors of roses all with their own meaning, if you are buying and want a special meaning orange is passion, white is innocence, yellow is friendship and caring,” Karen Randall, owner of Randall’s Farm explained. “You can buy any color rose to enovate any meaning you want.”

If you’re on a budget this Valentines Day, you can buy a single rose. Or, if you want to spoil your special someone you can buy them two dozen roses.

Here is a list of what each color of rose means:

Roses mean the language of color

  • Red: strong feelings of love and romance. Time honored way to say “I love you”
  • Orange: Excitement, desire, enthusiasm, and passion
  • Yellow: Wellness, friendship, joy, and caring
  • White: Purity innocence, secrecy, and young love
  • Purple: Enchantment, love at first sight, calm serenity
  • Pink: Gratitude, admiration, grave, elegance
  • Green: Earthy, calmness, good luck