Kiwi sickens dozens in Rhode Island schools

(WJAR) The Rhode Island Department of Health says a wash used on kiwis may have been the reason 30 students at 14 Providence area schools fell ill on Friday.

A third grader quickly scribbled a note to the teachers at her school telling them she ate some kiwi and was starting to feel like she could not breathe.

“I bit it and I got some of the skin by accident, and that’s when my tongue started to get numb,” said third grader, Waleska Garcia.

A school nurse at Times2 STEM Academy in Providence quickly used a epi pen on Waleska, and the little girl was rushed to the hospital.

More than 30 students across Rhode Island had a similar reaction.

The kiwi, says the Rhode Island Department of Health, was cut and bagged at Roch’s Fresh Foods in West Greenwich.

The kiwis that were distributed were unpeeled, so the department of health’s theory now the dangerous allergic reactions may have been caused by the cleaning solution.

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