Kacey Bellamy started her hockey journey 25 years ago

Kacey Bellamy is seen here during her interview with 22News on December 26, 2017.

Westfield’s Kacey Bellamy is competing in her third Winter Olympics.
It’s another step in a journey that started 25 years ago.  Kacey knew what she wanted to do when she was just five years old.

Her Mom Maura says: “My Husband told her she couldn’t play hockey when she was about 5 and I was making breakfast one Saturday morning and she came up from the basement fully dressed in her brother’s hockey equipment. She was 5 years old and she said “I’m going to the rink and playing hockey today” and she was determined that was what she was going to do.”

Kacey remembered  “I think I just always looked at whatever I wanted to do in life I did it because I loved it and I just had a passion for it.  And maybe that just sparked my competitive drive at that age when people would tell me I can’t do something because I’m a girl or what not because of my gender. So I would just fight through that and I wouldn’t worry about it too much.  I would just want to prove people wrong.”

And she’s been doing that ever since.  Now Bellamy is one of the veterans on a team that has settled for silver in the last two Olympics…but is now once again…shooting for Gold.

Kacey’s Dad Bob says  “She’s looking forward to it. She puts everything into it. She welcomes all her teammates and I think she plays a great leadership role and I think that the program itself loves that about her.”

Next up for Kacey and Team USA  is a showdown with their arch rivals from Canada Wednesday night at 10:10 PM.