Couple receive complaints about shed violating Westhampton’s zoning code

WESTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Neighbors are complaining about Buddhist couple’s garden shed in in Westhampton.

The Westhampton Zoning Board of Appeals will hold a meeting Tuesday night, where a couple in town will be seeking a zoning variance for their shed.

Catherine Hondrop and her partner have been receiving complaints about their shed. It was built within 20 feet of a neighbor’s property line, which violates local code.

“They reported that and the building inspector has told the owners they need to move the shed so the owners are appealing that decision so there’s a hearing for a variance tonight at the town hall,” Richard Tracy from the Zoning Boards of Appeals told 22News.

The garden shed was built several years ago within 20 feet of a neighbor’s property line but the couple told 22News that the building inspector told them that they didn’t need a permit and didn’t mention the 20 foot rule.

The couple who declined to speak on camera, runs a Buddhist temple in their house. They told 22News they have been targeted for harassment, because they are a same-sex interracial couple.

The couple claims the harassment began when they started their Buddhist temple ten years ago.

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