Can we expect any premature flowers from mild air this week?

Highs will be 10 to 15 degrees above average

LUDLOW, Mass. (WWLP) –  This winter has brought us both very cold and very warm air, but get ready for some spring-like temperatures in mid February. 22News found out if we can expect to see any early sprouts or blossoms.

What a winter it has been; from frigid air to now a stretch of warm spring like air. After talking with Randall’s Farm in Ludlow I don’t think we will be seeing any flowers sprouting anytime soon.

It’s still very much Winter, but this week western Massachusetts will be feeling more like spring. High temperatures will be making their way into the 40s and 50s.

Average high temperatures for this time of the year is around the lower 30s, that puts western Massachusetts at least 10 to 15 degrees above average.

Western Massachusetts has already seen some outcomes from the warmer weather. Pot holes being one of them.

22News talked with Randall’s Farm in Ludlow to find out if you might see any premature flowers or plants because of the above average temps.Karen Randall, Owner of Randall’s Farm in Ludlow, told 22News, “You need a real spike you’ll get 40s and 50s I don’t think that’s warm enough to really fool the plants because your night time temperatures are still below freezing.”

The first flowers to usually pop up during spring are bulbs; tulips and daffodils.

Spring officially starts in 5 weeks, March 20th.