Snow does not seem to last long this winter

 After this weekend's rain and mild air western Massachusetts saw more melting of snow.

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – After this weekend’s rain and mild air western Massachusetts saw more melting of snow. 22News is working for you with how locals have gotten used to snow not lasting in the valley long this winter.

Its been a common trend all winter long, snow not lasting long after it falls.

22News talked with one woman from Ashfield, Wendy Wilde, who said she doesn’t mind if the snow melts away, “Its okay with me spring can’t come soon enough. I live in the hills the snow is good for the short term but when it gets into February, end of February, now it can go away.”

Western Massachusetts has seen its share of snow storms this season. So far this winter western Massachusetts has gotten around 30 inches of snow. That makes western Massachusetts more than half way closer to our average snowfall total for the year of 48 inches of snow.

This particular winter when snow falls it doesn’t stick around long. Looking back at previous storms warmer air or heavy rain has washed or melted the snow away.

This weekend’s rain washed a good amount of Wednesday’s snowstorm away.

Heavy rain Sunday even caused minor ponding and flooding in some areas. One of the reasons for this minor ponding on top of the surface is because the ground is still frozen, which makes it hard for the rain to seep into the ground.

For those who are looking forward to spring it officially starts March 20th.