Franklin County Tech students believe school lunch made them sick

School's superintendent says they've received one report about a child becoming sick

Photos sent to 22News via

TURNERS FALLS, Mass. (WWLP) – Two Franklin County Tech students believe they received food poisoning from eating under-cooked chicken at lunch.

Two mothers are claiming that their daughters became sickened with salmonella after eating what they said was raw chicken at the school.

Screenshot of Monday’s lunch menu (

Photos of the chicken were sent to us by two parents via ReportIt, taken by students at Franklin County Tech. They claim their kids got salmonella after eating the chicken at lunch on Monday. Both students did not attend school the next day.

“It was all red, raw, pink, grisly and that night she said she wasn’t feeling good and puked into the morning,” Robin Leuthner, a parent of one of the students, said.

Franklin County Tech Superintendent Rick Martin told 22News they’ve only had one report claiming a child got salmonella from eating the chicken that was served Monday. In all, he estimates 144 chicken lunches were served.

The school is now trying to determine if the chicken caused the child to get sick.

Martin also said their cafeteria director took out the chicken at 170 degrees, 5 degrees above the recommended temperature.