Long stretch of potholes from Northampton to Easthampton irritating drivers

If you try to avoid potholes while driving it's recommended to avoid swerving in a different lane

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Multiple people have been complaining about potholes on parts of Route 10 stretching from Northampton to Easthampton.

MassDOT spokesman Patrick Marvin told 22News the state has been informed of the issue and are currently evaluating when weather conditions will allow roadway repairs to be made.

Recent changes in weather resulting in more potholes

Marvin told 22News that pothole repairs are one of MassDOT’s main focuses during this time of year.

22News drove on Route 10 earlier Tuesday and noticed potholes on many parts of the road.

Northampton resident Michelle Yvon, told 22News how the potholes affect her daily commute.

Crews fill pothole after damaging at least 15 cars on Route 5

“When it’s dark out you can’t see any, so then you hit one and you don’t know it’s there and boom there goes your tire rolling down the road,” Yvon said.

Hitting potholes could cause serious damage to your tire and wheel alignment.

DPW workers in parts of western Massachusetts have been using heated asphalt to patch them up.

If you try to avoid potholes while driving it’s recommended to avoid swerving in a different lane.

DPW workers trying new methods to remedy potholes