UMass students come together to watch the Super Bowl

As of now there have been no reports of any rioting or violence on campus

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – Thousands of students at UMass Amherst watched Sunday’s big game

UMass has had problems in the past with celebrations getting out of control on campus and regardless of who wins or loses, they’re asking for students to be responsible.

When the Patriots celebrated their fifth Super Bowl championship a year ago, a crowd of 3,000 UMass students celebrated the win, resulting in two windows getting broken and two students getting hurt.

14 students were arrested in 2012 after the Patriots loss in Super Bowl 46.

UMass held several watch parties inside the school’s student union Sunday evening. Students watched the game on big screen projectors while enjoying free food like tacos, pizza and popcorn.

Junior Moustafa Ahmed told 22News he enjoys having a safe place to watch the game. He said, “I feel like I’m in a safe environment right now, no ones wilding out or going crazy or anything. I’m having a good time.”

Sophomore Noah Miranda told 22News, “By having the game here at the student union we can all come together and everyone’s here and enjoying the game we’re just all together safely.”

As of now there have been no reports of any rioting or violence on campus.