Local law enforcement reminds party-goers to drive safely after Super Bowl festivities

The cost of using ride-sharing apps or a taxi doesn't compare to what you'll pay if you're stopped

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – If you’ve been drinking, you’re benched! That’s the message the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had for all Super Bowl partygoers Sunday night.

First responders also urged drivers to play it safe on the roads.

Agawam firefighter James Calbaugh told 22News, “It’s great to celebrate. It’s really really a good time to see the Patriots and our home teams, but it’s very important to just refrain from drinking and driving.”

The Springfield Police Department told drivers to take their keys out of the equation through a post on their Facebook page, an idea local bars also shared.

Drunk driving hits close to home for the staff at TD’s Sports Pub in Chicopee, and the message of driving sober was heavily enforced there Sunday night.

One of their employees was killed by a drunk driver almost two years ago.

Sarah McManus of TD’s Sports Pub told 22News, “We’re trained to know when to cut people off and we just watch everybody. We make sure everyone Ubers or carpools with people who aren’t drinking.”

The cost of using ride-sharing apps or a taxi doesn’t compare to what you’ll pay if you’re stopped. Springfield PD said an OUI offense will cost at least $5,000 in court and legal fees.