TSA found a record number of guns at checkpoints in 2017

TSA caught five people carrying guns at Bradley International Airport in 2017.

WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn.- TSA confiscated a record amount of guns at airports in 2017. The more guns that are seized at airports means there are more people who try to get them on planes.

TSA found nearly 4,000 guns at 239 different airports across the country including at Bradley International Airport. If you are caught flying with a gun, it could cost you up to $13,000 for a first time offense.

“If you’re allowed to carry, then you should carry”, says Sharon Labrecque of Springfield. “But, I don’t think you should be able to carry on a flight.”




When you’re caught trying to carry a gun past TSA, the Connecticut State Police are brought in to investigate and you could be charged with more crimes.

TS-A caught 5 people trying to sneak guns onto a plane in 2017. They even caught one person trying to sneak this knife in through a men’s deodorant. Still, people told 22news they feel safe when they fly.

“As far as places to go and be safe, one of the safer places to be is in the air”, says Jack Hardesty of Madison, Connecticut.