Super Blue Blood Moon quite a sight in the night sky

The supermoon appears bigger and brighter

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Tuesday night’s full moon was not just any full moon. It was a Super Blue Blood Moon and eclipse.

“I saw it on TV and it looked pretty interesting and I saw some of the pictures and it looked very exciting,” said Jim Lafond of Naples, Florida.

It’s called a supermoon because it appears bigger and brighter but you might not have noticed much of a difference.

“Really it’s not that different from any other full moon, it’s slightly bigger but you wouldn’t notice it to look up at it. No one can really notice the difference but mathematically it’s a little bit bigger so they call it a supermoon,” said Richard Sanderson of the Springfield Science Museums.

It was also a blue moon and it has nothing to do with its color. A blue moon is when two full moons occur in the same month and we had our last full moon back on January 1st.

There was also a lunar eclipse but the best viewing of that was in the western United States as well as in eastern Asia and Australia.

As the moon enters the Earth’s shadow is starts to appear red, a result of sunlight scattering in the Earth’s atmosphere hence the name blood moon.

Because we had two full moons this month there will not be a full moon in February. The next full moon will occur on March 1st.

PHOTOS: Super Blue Blood Moon in Western Massachusetts

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