Is it safe to go out on ice during inconsistent winter temperatures?

If you do venture out on the ice do not go out alone

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Its been a tough season to be out on the ice. We haven’t had consistent weather, we’ve gone from mild air to frigid temperatures.

You should not venture out on the ice, when the ice looks thin or if there is snow on top of the ice, you won’t be able see how thick or thin the ice really is.

Up and down temperatures have been affecting thickness of ice

Ice fishing, ice skating, and ice hockey are all winter sports people enjoy but have been put on hold some days.

Christopher Ferrari from the Chicopee Fire Department agreed its been a crazy winter so far, and his advice is to not venture out on the ice.

“For lakes and rivers I would not advocate to go out on the ice at all especially rivers, if you break on through the ice there is a current that can take you under the ice,” Ferrari told 22News.

Local ponds covered with ice are still unsafe to go out on

According to the Office of Public Safety and Security no one can really declare if the ice is absolutely safe to go out on.

If you do venture out on the ice do not go out alone.