High levels of lead pose problems for child care on STCC campus

STCC may need to dig up and replace nearly two feet of contaminated soil

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Springfield Technical Community College soil has tested positive for high levels of lead. It was found in parts of the soccer field and nearly double the acceptable amount was found near the Armory Square Day Care.

“It’s really an ingestable concern and kids put everything in their mouth,” VP of Facilities Maureen Soca explained. Soca added that they were “looking at an area to either fence off or make safe, just for the daycare.”

For nearly two centuries, STCC was home to the Springfield Armory, which manufactured firearms.

The campus sits on 35 acres of land and, according to Soca, half of that is soil that could be contaminated.

She said the college may have to dig up nearly two feet of contaminated soil and replace it. As far as, how much soil is contaminated, further testing is required, to determine that.

The process would start in the spring, when the ground has thawed.