Groups opposing physician assisted suicide bill visit State House

Supporters of the bill believe it could give patients the option to die peacefully

BOSTON (WWLP) – Massachusetts lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow medically assisted death.

But some doctors believe the bill’s passage could cause insurance companies to rely on physician assisted suicide to save money.

Massachusetts Medical Society new position on assisted suicide

More than a dozen doctors gathered at the State House on Wednesday to express their opposition to a bill that would allow terminally ill adults with six months or less to live to request, obtain and self-ingest medication that would end their lives.

It’s also known as medical aid in dying or physician assisted suicide. 22News spoke with Dr. Mark Rollo, a family physician of 30 years who practices in Fitchburg.

Debate over assisted suicide starts again in Massachusetts

He’s concerned if the bill is passed, insurance companies may deny coverage for expensive treatments and try to instead save money by offering coverage for physician assisted suicide.

“Massachusetts likes to, rightly, in many ways think of itself as protecting vulnerable people,” Dr. Rollo said. “But this legislation will steer vulnerable people towards suicide.”

Springfield Bishop issues statement on push to legalize assisted suicide

Supporters of the bill believe it could give patients the option to die peacefully.