Chicopee Fire Department practice ice rescues Wednesday morning

Firefighters wear wear suits to keep themselves safe when they dip into the frigid waters

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Chicopee Fire Department practiced ice training rescue Wednesday morning. 22News is working for you with information on how to save yourself if you fall through the ice.

The Chicopee Fire Department took a dip into the icy waters Wednesday morning at Chicopee State Park. Firefighters plunged into the frigid waters wearing wet suits to make sure heat from their body didn’t escape too quickly.

Their goal? To make sure they’re prepared for any ice rescue this season.

22News took this video as one new Chicopee firefighter took his first dip into the pond for the first time. He explained to 22News the process of an ice rescue, which you can imagine is not easy. Christopher Ferrari, Chicopee Fire Department, told 22News, “You never really know how thick the ice is so we crawl out and spread out our weight and as we get closer we have to spread out our weight further and further we have a sled as well that we can spread the weight out even more and if the person is really cold they can’t help out at all we gotta get out there put a rope around them, hook them up, than we can hook them onto the sled and drag them out.”

So far this season Chicopee Fire Department hasn’t had to recuse anyone out on the ice. But that doesn’t stop them from training.

Chicopee Fire Department does these training’s a couple times a season to make sure they are prepared for anything.

If you were to fall through the ice its important to remember to never panic because you will lose your energy quicker. And never venture out on the ice alone.