Plan your business marketing strategy for the year

Most business owners will plan their operations budget for the year with confidence, but when it comes to the marketing budget and planning, there tends to be some confusion. Erica Delsignore, founder of, helped make everything more clear.

1. Planning – Take more time in the beginning to plan and then take time each week to review your results and tweak your plan to keep improving your results.

2. Blogging However often you blog, make sure you do it consistently and at the same day and time. I like to do this 3 days a week, in the middle of the week, and at noon eastern.

3. Video emails – As with the blogging, do this consistently. If you send one email a week, do it on the same day and time. I have heard some people do a daily email. Do what you know you can do, you can always add more later once you get going.

4. Call Campaigns – You can do this yourself or hire someone to call. Have a call to action. I use cold calling campaigns to set sales appointments for me and I can usually expect one appointment for every 100 dials.

5. Ads – However you handle ad campaigns, make sure that you do some A/B testing and constantly tweak those campaigns to improve your results.