Flu death toll growing

Centers For Disease Control says in addition to children and the elderly this epidemic is hitting Baby Boomers much harder than usual.

(NBC News) The worst flu season in almost a decade is getting deadlier, with more than three dozen child deaths already this year.

The Center For Disease Control says the epidemic is also hitting Baby Boomers much harder than usual.

Near Indianapolis, the family of 37-year-old Karlie Slaven is heartbroken.

Her father says Karlie died just three days after being diagnosed with the flu, the symptoms quickly escalated into pneumonia.

The flu is now widespread in every state but Hawaii.

The CDC says so far this year 37 children have died compared to just eight at this time last year, but it’s the elderly who are most at risk, followed by adults ages 50 to 64.

Doctors emphasize, the best defense against catching the virus, even now, is a flu shot.

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