Western Massachusetts experiencing worst pothole season in a while

Saturday, MassDOT crews repaired potholes on I-90 eastbound

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Pothole problems are plaguing the mean streets of western Massachusetts.

Potholes are all over western Massachusetts streets and highways. It seems you can’t drive down a street without trying to avoid hitting one.

Drivers dealing with severe pothole problems sooner than expected

22News spotted these potholes here on Riverdale Street in West Springfield. They’re the kind of potholes that if your car hits it, it could mess up your tire and force you to need an alignment. That’s why MassDOT is trying to provide drivers with some relief.

Saturday, MassDOT crews repaired potholes on I-90 eastbound, between Westfield’s exit 3 and West Springfield’s exit 4. “I noticed they filled up quite a few of them, seeing that the weather has gotten a little bit better,” said Stanley Pinkos of West Springfield. “The roads have improved considering what they were a few weeks ago.”

They have even created a website, to track potholes and their progress, to help drivers avoid costly repairs.

Dodging potholes while driving? There’s an easier way to spot them now

Your auto insurance policy, may cover damage, but only after you cover your deductible. “For starters, they would have to be carrying the collision insurance coverage. Number one,” said President/Ceo of the Insurance Center Of New England Bill Trudeau. “And then, number two, you need to understand, unfortunately that this would be a at fault claim.”

Trudeau told 22News, Only when your car is severely damaged should you seek reimbursement under your collision coverage and even then it’s not guaranteed.

“Not to get a backlash of higher premium of insurance, by filing a claim, however, I’ll take a look at it and whatever weighs out best for me,” said Lin Chambers Sr. of Easthampton.

Now if you do file a claim, you could risk your premium going up, and more money coming out of your wallet. You can appeal the decision, but its going to cost you $50.