Westfield residents concerned after receiving undrinkable water notice

DPW says it was a procedural violation and that the state forced them to send the letter

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Residents in Westfield are concerned after they received letters from the city saying they violated a drinking water standard.

22News talked to Westfield Assistant DPW Director Francis Cain. He said they had to shut down a water treatment plant on October 30th because they got so much rain that the filters couldn’t keep up.

Westfield drinking water to be tested for harmful chemicals

When they brought the plant back online, they tested the water and didn’t find any viruses or bacteria, but when they sent their monthly report to the state Department of Environmental Protection, the state found that the chlorine wasn’t in the water long enough or high enough to meet state standards.

“I think they should have been a little more on the ball than that. Water is important and we are drinking it,” Linda Porter said. “I have some lung issues so, yes, I am concerned about what I am drinking.”

Westfield’s drinking water may contain harmful chemicals

Cain said it was a procedural violation and that the state forced them to send the letter. But he said residents should feel confident the water was and is safe to drink.

The city says they are reviewing how they restart treatment plants that have been shut down to make sure this violation doesn’t happen again.