New Dr. Seuss mural covers old controversial one

(Photo Credit: Lisa Quinones/The Springfield Museums )

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Dr. Seuss Mural at the center of controversy at the Springfield Museums has been replaced.

Public Relations Director Karen Fisk would not answer our questions and 22News was not allowed inside the museum, but we talked to someone who was.

“It’s been covered up, they put a mural on top of a mural,” explained Chairman of Peter Pan Bus Lines Peter Picknelly.

Picknelly went to the museum Wednesday to see the new mural. He said the old one is still there, covered up by the new one. Picknelly and Restauranteur Andy Yee have offered to donate to the museum and hang the old mural at either the Fort Restaurant, Union Station or the Basketball Hall of Fame.

“I’m disappointed that a couple of people were offended by it and now we’ve cowed down to their request. I think that’s a shame. It’s political correctness gone awry. There are over 100,000 libraries in the United States, they all have this book in it. Are they going to take those books out of the library?” asked Picknelly.

The controversy centered on a chinese character of a man with a hat eating noodles with chopsticks. It was removed after three people called it a “jarring racial stereotype.” Andy Yee is a 1st generation Chinese American.

“What it is is what is is. I can’t change their thought process. They are going to do what is best for Dr. Seuss and their brand and I understand that. If it has to eliminate an Asian character on there than that’s their decision to do so, I’m disappointed in it,” said Yee, a restauranteur.

It’s not clear if Dr. Seuss Enterprises would be willing to sell the mural. Picknelly told 22News he’s talked with the museum’s board of trustees.

The new mural was painted by the Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Art Director John Simpson and the design was supervised by Dr. Seuss Enterprises.