Dr. Seuss Museum unveils new mural to the public after controversy

No one from the museum would comment on replacing the old mural

New mural

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)-The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum in Springfield recently saw a major change.

It’s a story 22News closely covered at the Dr. Seuss museum last year, a mural which many called controversial.

The mural was from his first book And To Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Streetshowing a Chinese man with a traditional hat eating noodles with chopsticks.

22News went to the Dr. Seuss exhibit Tuesday to find that it had replaced.The old mural that once hung on this wall became the center of controversy after three children’s authors  said they wouldn’t visit the museum because of it.

The Northampton authors called the mural “a jarring racial stereotype.”

The museum unveiled a new mural which they say is a  “celebration of Dr. Seuss’s wonderful journey starting on Mulberry Street and ending with Oh, the Places You’ll Go.”

No one from the museum would comment on replacing the old mural but one man told 22News he didn’t agree with it.

“They should’ve kept it to allow him to know that his freedom of expression was being shown and
people could say they liked it or didn’t like it,” said Gary Cocker.

Springfield Mayor, Domenic Sarno issued a statement to 22News saying:

“I believe people will be pleased with the new mural, which proudly continues to depict our beloved Dr. Seuss and our beloved Springfield- it’s time to move on.”

Other new additions to the museum include a poster explaining Seuss’s historical context and displays in Spanish.