Murder/Suicide led to day-long standoff in Montgomery

Massachusetts State Police had to block off parts of Main Road

MONTGOMERY, Mass. (WWLP) – State police detectives assigned to the District Attorney’s office are investigating a murder/suicide that took place in a house on Main Road in Montgomery.

Alfred Bennett of Montgomery told 22News, “I never thought ever in my life I’d see something like that out here, that’s why I live in the country.”

Montgomery residents said more than a dozen State Police cruisers descended on Main Road Monday morning, closing the street and surrounding a home.

“There was probably ten or fifteen cruisers up here, SUVs unmarked vehicles, people everywhere. One trooper was wearing camo gear, had body armor on, had a helmet, had an automatic weapon,” said Bennett.

State police received a call from a man who said he’d committed a crime in his Main Road home, and that he may be armed. When our 22News crew approached the home, we were told we were “in the line of fire.”

Troopers closed a section of Main Road and called in their tactical operations team, police dogs, and a hostage negotiator.

One resident told 22News the road was blocked off for hours. He said he could hear police trying to speak with someone over a loudspeaker.

“Asking him to come to the front door or come out or come to the front door. Then you could hear them asking after a while asking him to answer the phone so they were announcing come to the door we can help you. There was no response. That went on for a couple hours off and on,” said Bennett.

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