“The Post”

A Look at the Movies

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Whoever said the Pentagon Papers scandal during the Vietnam war would make a terrific thriller, certainly knew what they were talking about.

Steven Spielberg rises to the occasion directing “The Post” into serious Oscar contention, turning the 1970’s episode into a suspenseful expose that seriously irritated the Nixon white House.

Spielberg wouldn’t dream of making such an explosive drama without any less than Tom Hanks as fiery Washington Post editor, Ben Bradlee, and Meryl Streep as Post publisher, Katherine Graham. discovering her untapped reserves of courage. Hanks gives the more colorful performance circling the Pentegon Papers like a hungry Carnivore about to dig into a thick steak.

“The Post” is all the more remarkable for gripping us with familiar history like we’re seeing it for the first time.

Now, that’s high drama at its best. And what an idea casting the versatile Peter Greenwood as the Penagon Papers author, the devious defense secretary, Robert McNamara.

“The Post” can’t compete with “The Last Jedi” for filling theater seats, but “The Post” appeals to more mature moviegoers, those with a true sense of history.

“The Post” is among this year’s truly select films that stand out with 4 stars.

With those impressive credentials, “The Post” can’t help impressing the Oscars.

Rated R

2 hours 10 minutes

Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, Bruce Greenwood