Missing painted lines on I-91 in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – 22News first made you aware of the missing pavement markings on I-91 last week. Dealing with the pavement markings on I-91 is like a tug of war between safety and the weather.

“It would be better and safer for the people who drive and they can see the white lines on the highway so they know exactly which lane they belong in and stay in that lane, which wouldn’t cause swerving out of lanes to the left and to the right.” Donald Johnson, Agawam

When 22News took a drive Monday night, we noticed lane lines that were supposed to be painted on I-91 North and South last Thursday overnight were barely visible.

Patrick Marvin from MassDOT confirmed with 22News those pavement markings were repainted. But, he said if the ground was wet, the paint may not have stuck, or it could have faded.

“They should have never done it. They should automatically know when it’s wet season, don’t put paint on the ground.” Donald Johnson, Agawam

A local asphalt contractor agrees. He declined to be on camera due to concerns over his business dealing closely with line painting on roads. He told 22News warm and dry weather are the best conditions for the paint to stick.

MassDOT told 22News they are reconsidering their options for when to paint again, their last attempt at line painting last Thursday cost taxpayers money.