Floating ice has been fascinating western Massachusetts residents

Usually this doesn't happen until spring

PALMER, Mass. (WWLP) – Most people have noticed the large chunks of ice floating down most rivers in western Massachusetts.

Over the past couple of days, western Massachusetts residents have been fascinated by large chunks of ice floating down the river.

Giant slabs of ice attract residents to Brunelle’s Marina in South Hadley

From large chunks of ice floating in Athol to huge pieces of lightly blue colored ice on the banks of the Connecticut River in South Hadley. One viewer sent an email to 22News saying there were large pieces of ice in the Chicopee River in Three Rivers but by the time 22News got there Tuesday most of the river was frozen over or had no ice in it.

For some people it’s something they have never seen before, or at least haven’t seen in a really long time.

22News spoke with one man who said he was amazed at the amount of ice this season. Gerald Charette, from Three Rivers, told 22News. “Its pretty amazing its a lot of fun I grew up in town so I’m very familiar with the river and its another experience, different season, different time a little unusual in the sense of the cold we had.”

Huge chunks of ice crashed into the Exchange Street Bridge on Saturday

Usually chunks of ice like this are found in the springtime. When there is heavy rain, warmer temperatures and when there is a lot of melting going on. That’s how ice jams are caused.

An ice jam is when water builds up behind a blockage of ice which can cause flooding. Ice jams can cause flooding because the ice prevents the river from flowing.