Traxxas Monster Truck Tour Here This Weekend At The MassMutual Center

The Traxxas Monster Truck Tour will do about 100 cities a year

Lumberjack performing a jump on Friday night: Matt Wiernasz Photo

SPRINGFIELD, Mass (WWLP) – The Traxxas Monster Truck Tour held an event Friday night at the MassMutual Center. Before the show, fans got to meet the drivers of these monster trucks as well as a ride a monster truck.

Jason Ellins is the voice of the Traxxas Monster Truck Tour. He talked to 22News on Friday about being here in Springfield.

” Were really excited to be here. We know monster trucks haven’t been in this facility for a really long time and we brought some of the top in the nation to battle it out..” Ellins Said

Fans at the show last night got to see wheelies, racing as well as monster truck freestyle that is a fan favorite. These monster truck drivers are top notch drivers.

The Traxxas Monster Truck Tour will do about 100 cities a year not only in the U.S. and Canada but as well as travel overseas.

For families that want to come to the show this evening at the MassMutual Center, Ellins told 22News that the Traxxas Monster Truck Tour prides themselves on having a good family experience so everything they do here is clean.

” Its fun family entertainment for kids from two years old all the way up to 99 years old.” Ellins Said

Chris Sawicki is from Chicopee and drives the Lumberjack Monster Truck. He told 22News that he is excited to do two shows in Springfield. His family and friends were coming this weekend to watch him.

” Great opportunity for me to show off in front of them. I am living my childhood dream.” Sawicki Said

Sawicki remembers watching Monster Trucks at the MassMutual Center when Thunder Nationals would come once a year where he would come with his dad and watch them on the concrete.

Sawicki told 22News that during this time of year with the Monster Trucks its not overly busy.

” We are really focusing on speedways and fairs. This year I already know were going out to Minnesota, Ohio, Missouri. Were going all over the country.

The 24-year old loves doing it. He still has a full time job here in the area and is very fortunate that he is able to take off and go and do the monster trucks.

” Its really a great opportunity for me.” Sawicki Said

Greg Winchenbach drives Crushstation and he hails from Jefferson, ME. He told 22News to be able to perform in New England in front of these great fans that’s its an awesome feeling.

” This truck is noted for being around New England. We got the Patriots. We got the Bruins. We got the Celtics. We got our beloved Red Sox and we got Crushstation.” Winchenbach Said

The Traxxas Monster Trucks will have another show tonight at the MassMutual Center at 7:30 p.m..