Thieves steal $30,000 worth of puppies from mall pet store, family devastated

TEMPE, Arizona (KRON/CNN) — Two men are wanted in Arizona for stealing $30,000 worth of puppies from a mall pet store.

Some of the puppies had already been sold to families who want them back.

“I’m hanging in there,” dog owner Piper Peraza said.

Peraza is a heartbroken little girl who won’t be taking her new puppy Gwen home after two men stole five Frenchies out of Animal Kingdom.

“It’s not like they stole some random pet at a pet store. You know, they took our dog,” father Louie Peraza said.

The Peraza family is planning to take Gwen home right in time for their daughter Piper’s birthday party.

“She was just so sweet, and she had that playfulness in her, but when you picked her up, she was just calm,” Piper said.

The two thieves pried open the back door and raced right to the French bulldog puppies worth $6,000 each.

“The fact that they were only in here for 1 minute, they knew exactly what they were going for and those are a very, very expensive breed of dog,” Animal Kingdom spokeswoman Linda Nofer said.

The thieves stuffed the dogs in a trash bin and dragged them out, including Goat, who belonged to the Kriaris couple.

“I mean he already felt like he was part of the family,” dog owner Theresa Kriaris said.

Goat was about to go home next week after finishing medication, and now, his family worries his infection will only get worse.

“There’s two of them out of the five that are sick that need veterinarian attention,” dog owner Chris Kriaris said.

The families are hoping these thieves do the right thing and turn the puppies in, or drop them off somewhere safe.

“They’ve affected our household,” Louie said. “You know, they have broken our hearts, and we just want her back.”