Florida police say teen stabbed sleeping parents

Jacksonville, FL (CNN) – Days after a Florida couple were stabbed as they slept, Jacksonville police charged their 16-year-old son with two counts of aggravated battery.

The Jacksonville sheriff’s office said Raylan Wagner stabbed his parents in the head and neck Wednesday morning. They survived the attack. But now they, and Wagner’s friends, are trying to understand why.

This mugshot of 16 year old Raylan Wagner, was a shock to his fellow classmates like Eugene Holsey. “A lot of people were heartbroken and just full of tears,” Eugene Holsey/ Wagner’s friend, said.

Holsey says he and Wagner were in many classes together at Paxon school for advanced studies and are good friends. “Raylan is just a very loving guy, he’s very goal oriented,” said Eugene Holsey/ Wagner’s friend. “He loves athletics. He’s a big baseball fan and he had dreams of going on to get a scholarship and go to college for baseball.”

Police say the baseball star woke his parents up early Wednesday morning stabbing them both in their heads and necks. They say his parents fought back and Wagner ran away.

Police later found him near their apartment. Where they say he confessed to the stabbing.

“No, I’ve never seen Raylan aggressive or violent I’ve always just seen him goal oriented and always focused and just determined to do great things,” Eugene Holsey/ Wagner’s friend said.

Wagner’s lawyer, Wade M. Rolle, believes the teen suffered a mental breakdown.

“I could never just see him thinking about harming his parents at all,” said Eugene Holsey/ Wagner’s friend. Holsey says he doesn’t believe he would hurt his parents on purpose and hopes he can get the help he needs.

Wagner’s parents are both in stable condition. Their son’s lawyer says the they’re asking for prayers for themselves and their son.