Springfield I-91 traffic moving smoothly after missing lane lines repainting

Missing lane lines on I-91 South were causing confusion for some drivers

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Missing lane lines on I-91 south was causing confusion for some drivers.

MassDot crews painted those lane lines Thursday and Friday, 22News noticed traffic was moving smoothly.

22News received several emails from concerned viewers, through our Report It app, about missing lane lines on I-91 south, between Exits 21 & 20 in Northampton.

Missing lane lines causing dangerous situation for drivers on I-91

According to viewer emails, the lack of lines, impacted traffic, forcing confused drivers to abruptly merge when their lane came to an end. Thursday, MassDOT crews applied pavement markings in that area.

Duncan Shippee of Greenfield told 22News, “Usually its a pretty smooth ride. I hadn’t even noticed, to be honest.” But other drivers did.

MassDOT says recent severe weather is to blame for I-91 missing lane lines

MassDOT crews, closed one lane between Exits 19 and 21 on I-91 south in Northampton. One lane remained open for traffic. Traffic was shifted to the right and the on-ramp at I-91 remained open during paving.

22News did notice, once you pass Exit 20 on I-91 southbound, the lanes did shift, which was jarring for drivers.